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SYN-AKE® is a synthetic peptide similar to those found in snake venom. Derived from venom, it works by freezing the muscle tissue directly beneath the wrinkle, relaxing the tissue and stopping the muscle micro-contractions that cause visible wrinkles. Its effectiveness has been proven in numerous rigorous clinical trials carried out by independent laboratories.



Hyaluronic acid

In addition to SYN®-AKE, Hyaluronic Acid is an indispensable tool in the fight against aging. It keeps the complexion well moisturized by capturing water and holding it in the deep recesses of the skin, thus restoring the skin to its original appearance and practically eliminating wrinkles.



aloe vera

Used by Cleopatra, whose beauty has transcended time, aloe vera helps rejuvenate the skin and make it softer and better moisturized.





Muscat rose oil comes from Chile. It is rich in vitamin E, beta-carotene and fatty acids. It is known for its hydrating powers and anti-aging properties.






Collagen is a major structural protein in the skin. It plays a key role: it increases the skin's elasicity, fills in wrinkles and reduces their depth.



Experience the venoia full LINE


Venoia full LINE


VENOIA full line consists of anti-aging SYN®-AKE treatments with six complementary products.

With VENOIA, the difference is clearly visible.

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