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Juan Manuel Sanchez Laboratory Venoia by SkineanceDR Juan Manuel SANCHEZ

Director of Rofersam Laboratories



Juan Manuel Sanchez Meet the lab VenoiaJuan Manuel Sanchez is the director of Rofersam Laboratories, which was founded in Spain in 1979. He specializes in the formulation and production of luxury cosmetics that meet the highest standards in terms of safety and innovation, like the VENOIA line.

With over a million products sold, it has become an instant bestseller. VENOIA formulated its SYN®-AKE cream five years ago and its anti-wrinkle effect was immediate, as was its success: 1.000.000 jars of cream have been sold! In light of this success, the laboratory decided to develop an entire range of five new treatments based on the cream: Face Serum, Micellar water, Exfoliant, Face mask and Eye serum.


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Venoia full LINE


VENOIA full line consists of anti-aging SYN®-AKE treatments with six complementary products.

With VENOIA, the difference is clearly visible.

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